Cecil The Lion’s Seven Cubs Are Still Alive (VIDEO)

Cecil the Lion may be dead, but his family is doing OK. There were fears that after the famous lion was brutally killed by a American dentist Walter Palmer that his family would not survive.

The Wildlife Conservation Unit released a video of the cubs and three lionesses doing well without their protector:

Cecil The Lion's Seven Cubs Are Still Alive (VIDEO)

Cecil’s family all well – David Macdonald writes: even with our satellite tracking gear and an intimate knowledge of the area, finding lions in the bush can be a bit like finding the proverbial needle in haystack. We have been careful to provide up-dates on the well-being of Cecil’s pride only when we had visual contact with them. Today, the field team found the lions and Brent Staplekamp secured some video through his camera viewfinder of all three lionesses and the seven cubs. All is well.

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