CBS Renews Thursday Night Football Deal for 2015

One of the big successes for CBS this fall season was Thursday Night Football. Even though it bumped TV’s #1 comedy from its Thursday night home, CBS simply moved The Big Bang Theory to Mondays, and was able to essentially have its cake and eat it too. So it’s no big surprise that CBS wants to duplicate that success for next year.

The network has officially renewed its deal for Thursday Night Football, coming to an agreement that will allow them to air the first eight of the 14 primetime Thursday Night Football games in 2015, sharing the commitment with the NFL Network.

It’s a no-brainer for CBS, particularly given the lucrative nature of sports. Get a decent game on there, and people who’d never give CBS a second look will suddenly be tuning in like it’s an appointment they have to keep. And once there, you can advertise like crazy for your own shows, in an attempt to keep them locked there. Granted, I’m not sure how many football fans are necessarily going to want to stick around for nerdy comedies or crime procedurals, but you never really know what the viewership crossover will be until you try to hook new viewers. This is a smart move for CBS, in any respect.

CBS Renews Thursday Night Football Deal

Credit: CBS

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