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‘Catfish: The TV Show’ Full Episode: ‘Blaire & Markie’ is a Tale of Kidnapping and Nev Being Awesome

Catfish: The TV Show returned again last night for another all-new episode, and “Blaire & Markie” is really one for the ages.

Blaire is a woman who’s faced a lot in her life: homelessness, heartbreak, and suicidal thoughts. But then Markie came along and gave her a lifeline to hold onto. What followed was a developing romance between the two women, as Blaire grew more dependent on Markie, while Markie became more distant and mysterious. Blaire saves money for Markie to visit her in New York, only for Markie to apparently get KIDNAPPED on the eve of her trip. So what the hell happened? Who IS Markie, and are all her stories lies? Or is there a kernel of truth in how she feels for Blaire? It’s a tale of kidnapping, lies, and one woman’s struggle to do for herself as she does for others. And, as an added bonus, it features Nev’s most AWESOME moment as a host. Seriously, I’m always a fan of moments where Nev and Max stick up for those being Catfished, but this went above and beyond.

It’s another tense hour of TV, and you can watch it all below if you missed it last night. Check out the full episode of Catfish: The TV Show, Season 4 Episode 10, “Blaire & Markie”:

'Catfish the TV Show' 'Blaire & Markie' is a Tale of Kidnapping and Nev Being Awesome (VIDEO)

I know a lot of people haven’t been crazy about this season, but for me, this was easily the best episode of Season 4 so far. Ultimately, I thought this was a compelling episode with a really surprising resolution, particularly as it concerns the little kid at the center of all this. Blaire is the most I’ve liked a Catfish subject in a while.

But what did you think of the episode?

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