Casey Abrams and Postmodern Jukebox Team For ‘Family Guy’ Theme (VIDEO)

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox and Casey Abrams have teamed up again, this time for a jazzy cover of the Family Guy theme song!

Casey is joined by tap dancer Sarah Reich, adds a unique style of percussion to the performance. I love the tempo set here, as it’s got a much quicker pace than the original show theme for about half of its runtime, only to adopt a slower, bluesier jazz tone towards the end. It’s such a cool interpretation of a theme song that a lot of people know by heart. I think part of what has sustained PMJ’s popularity is continuing to do the unexpected. I’m not sure I ever would have suggested this song for them, but I love how it turned out. That’s the magic of being an audio time machine. Watch the video below:

Casey Abrams and Postmodern Jukebox Team For 'Family Guy' Theme (VIDEO)

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Tour Info: PMJ Live

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