Cannot Unsee: Justin Timberlake has Insane Lime Head for Tequila

So Justin Timberlake has a lime for a head now. But it’s for a very good reason: the all-new promotional push for Sauza 901 Tequila, a triple-distilled premium tequila brand owned by Justin himself. In this ad, JT brings us the epic tale of Rick “Sour” Vane and the legend of the lime, considered to be the greatest condiment in the history of alcohol. Or at least in the history of tequila.

In the story, Rick (Timberlake) recalls the glory days of the lime: “Pucker face. That’s what we cured. Along with scurvy.” The rest of the ad plays out like a Behind the Music on the rise and fall of the fruit that helped make tequila palatable to even the most lightweight drinkers. That is, until Sauza 901 came along. The ad campaign, with the tagline “No Limes Needed,” essentially tells you everything you need to know about how the downfall of the lime inevitably begins. Check out the full ad below:

Cannot Unsee Justin Timberlake has Lime Head for Tequila Ad (VIDEO)

Honestly, this is probably the most entertaining ad campaign I’ve seen this year outside of the Super Bowl. Sure, seeing JT with a giant lime head is disturbing at first, but it’s almost kind of eerie how quickly it ends up feeling normal. I mean, I cannot unsee him as a lime now, and I imagine I’m going to subconsciously start seeing him in green all the time. But hey, it’s a look that works for The Hulk, and I’m sure it’s a look that’ll continue working for the music industry’s essential Renaissance Man.

But what did you think of the ad? Sound off in the comments! And for more on Sauza 901, visit the company’s official website.

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