Cannabis Painkiller Drug Trial Leaves One Brain-Dead And Five Critically Ill in France

A drug trial in France for a cannabis-based painkiller has left one person in a coma and five others in critical condition, the French health ministry announced on Friday.

The ministry announced that a “serious accident” had occurred in a private laboratory without naming the drug. French media reported that the trial involved a drug tested by Biotrial which has labs based in Rennes and Newark, NJ.

From The Verge:

According to the health ministry, all six volunteers were in good health prior to taking the oral medication at their homes. The lab has informed that government that it is in the process of recalling other volunteers, though it is not yet clear how many people were involved in the trial.

That must be one strong drug! Oh my goodness.

Source: whatcomlocalcoop

Source: whatcomlocalcoop

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