Calvin and Hobbes

Canada's Justin Trudeau Is A Big Fan Of Calvin And Hobbes Star Wars

Last summer, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau commissioned Disney artist Brian Kesinger for one of his signature "Star Wars" mashup prints.

Kesinger took the internet by storm after he drew "Star Wars" characters in the style of Calvin and Hobbes after "The Force Awakens" in 2015. He's also done other mashups and for Trudeau, he drew his family as "Star Wars" and "Frozen" characters.

Kesinger wrote on Instagram:

Omg! I'm speechless right now. Last summer the prime minister of Canada #JustinTrudeau commissioned a drawing from me of his family in their Halloween costumes. His office asked how much I charge and I said all I want is a picture of him holding it if he likes it. I received this photo in the mail today... I guess he liked it!!! They informed me it's now hanging in his office.

Really neat! So happy for Brian right now.

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram