Caleb Johnson Premieres Emotional ‘Fighting Gravity’ Music Video

American Idol XIII winner Caleb Johnson is back with a new single, and the music video is pretty damn emotional, so be sure to have Kleenex handy.

Although “Fighting Gravity” was written as a love song, the track took on a different meaning for Caleb after he visited a children’s hospital. It was that visit that gave him the concept for the powerful music video:

“I had this powerful moment in my life where I visited a children’s hospital,” Caleb told Yahoo! Music, recalling meeting a child suffering from DIPG, a rare form of pediatric brain cancer. “Me being in that room with [the boy] and his mother and his aunt was just a powerful and haunting moment in my life that I’ll never forget. I just remember leaving and getting in my car and driving and thinking, ‘This story has got be told. People need to see this and really see what I saw in that room.’”

As a result, we get a music video in which a sick little boy dreams of space travel as a way of escaping the confines of his hospital bed. It’s a Herculean task not to get choked up. This is a goosebump-inducing tearjerker of a video, so be forewarned before clicking play, because this is likely going to be a tough one to forget for the rest of the day:

Caleb Johnson Premieres Emotional 'Fighting Gravity' Music Video

Caleb Johnson Fighting Gravity Music Video

Caleb Johnson Fighting Gravity

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