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Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out For Night on the Town In New York City (PHOTOS)

Caitlyn Jenner wowed the paparazzi last night in New York City, stepping out for a night on the town with new BFF, journalist Diane Sawyer.

Jenner sported a skin tight, black Herve Leger dress, causing flash bulbs to go off left and right, like strobe lights at a night club. The Olympian and reality TV star was spotted leaving the Tutto Il Giorno restaurant. All in all, it was a pretty busy night for Jenner. In addition to hanging out with Sawyer, Jenner dropped by New York’s LGBT Community Center for dinner with a group of trans women. Check out photos of Jenner’s night out below:

Caitlyn Jenner - Bandage Dress in NYC

Credit: MachettePix

Caitlyn Jenner in NYC

Credit: XactpiX/Splash

Caitlyn Jenner Steps Out For Night on the Town In New York City (PHOTOS)

Credit: MachettePix

According to reports, the friendship between Jenner and Sawyer was a result of their momentous, primetime interview in April. The two hadn’t known one another before that interview, but they reportedly struck up a quick friendship, and have been in contact ever since. Hence, this night out on the town.

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