Joss Whedon + Lionsgate Sued Over Alleged ‘Cabin in the Woods’ Copyright Infringement

Cabin in the Woods creators Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard as well as studio Lionsgate are being sued to the tune of $10 million by self-published author Peter Gallagher over alleged copyright infringement.

Whedon’s production company Mutant Enemy is also named in the lawsuit, which claims the idea for the horror satire film was stolen from Gallagher’s book The Little White Trip: A Night In the Pines.

Cabin in the Woods Lawsuit

Credit: Lionsgate

WARNING: spoilers ahead for both the book and film.

According to Gallagher’s suit, the premise of Cabin in the Woods and Little White trip are both about a group of attractive young people who are actually “characters in a real-life horror show” being “manipulated by persons behind the scenes.”

Said lawsuit also claims there are other similarities, including the character’s personalities, hair color, names and the order in which they die.

Furthermore, “[The defendants] currently reside and operate out of Santa Monica, California, a short distance from where the Book was sold.”

For more information, you can read the full suit which includes the alleged comparisons.

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