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Busker ‘Hollywood’ Anderson wows American Idol judges with ‘My Best Friend’ (VIDEO)

Busker “Hollywood” Anderson auditioned with “My Best Friend” on American Idol XIV Season 14 in New York, NY on Thursday, January 15, 2015.

The judges called this the best audition in all the cities they visited this season. Wow.

From our live blog:

Hollywood is a true New Yorker, since you’ll usually find him on the subway. In lieu of a regular 9-5, he busks on the subway. He says he’s made people cry on the train platforms with his music. He’d love to get to Hollywood, since this is his dream.

Watch the video here:

Hollywood brings his guitar and performs an original called “My Best Friend,” which he wrote about a girl he went to college with whom he fell hard for. I admit, this was NOT a voice I was expecting. It’s absolutely gorgeous, in a way that I can’t exactly place. I’ve never heard a voice like this before. I NEED this guy to go through to the next round. And on and on. J-Lo feels the same way, whispering that she needs to record him now. Really, the only thing better than this guy’s voice is his songwriting skills. This could be a hit RIGHT NOW. Easily the best original song I’ve ever heard from a contestant on Idol. Easily.

“I want that song. I want to record that song tomorrow,” J-Lo says, but adds that she’d rather hear him sing it. Adam says he was full of emotion in his performance, while Harry says Hollywood was easily the best audition of the day, of their time in New York, and possibly of the entire competition so far. Hollywood thanks a friend of his for giving him the guitar, since that’s the reason he’s here. Hollywood apparently only just learned to play the guitar a year ago. That’s AMAZING! The competition NEEDS this guy.

Busker 'Hollywood' Anderson wows American Idol judges with 'My Best Friend' (VIDEO)

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