Bruno Mars Wants Some of That Nicki/Taylor Beef In Hilarious Tweet

Bruno Mars wants some of that Nicki/Taylor beef, and he’s hitting up Twitter to get a piece of the action! Yes, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj are kinda-sorta feuding for some stupid-ass reason, so leave it to Bruno Mars to find the humor in all this silliness by tweeting out a challenge of his own.

Bruno sent a hilarious tweet to Ed Sheeran, cursing him out in an attempt to start a genuine “twitter Beef” that can ride the momentum of this Taylor/Nicki rivalry. It’s all in good fun, and it spawned at least one humorous Photoshop from artist Angelie Censon (tumblr / Instagram), so I’d consider this a win. Check it out below:

HA! Look at their faces! And the tattoos! If only all fake celebrity feuds could be this magical.

Bruno Mars Wants Some of That NickiTaylor Beef In Hilarious Tweet

Come on, like you wouldn’t pay to see this on pay-per-view.

Hopefully, this can open up a dialogue between the two so they can work together. Because Bruno and Ed jamming together on a track could be magical. Come to think of it, seeing them duke it out in a WWE ring could be similarly spectacular.

Work it out, you guys!

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