Bruno Mars Asked to Perform at Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

What do you do when you need a big, hip, funk-filled spectacle for the Super Bowl Halftime Show? You call in the big guns of the Billboard charts!

Bruno Mars has reportedly been asked by the NFL to return as the headliner and “curator” for the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. This would mark his return to the big stage after serving as the headlining act for the halftime show two years ago with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Katy Perry headlined last year, and it’s somewhat surprising that the NFL didn’t try to duplicate the success of last year’s show, considering how huge it ended up being: it was the most-watched halftime show of all-time, even without the viral success of the whole “Left Shark” fiasco. Still, Bruno’s was the second-most watched, and only by a difference of one million viewers (121 million to 120 million), so it’s not as though the NFL is taking a huge drop in potential viewership by giving Bruno the nod.

Bruno Mars Asked to Perform at Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show

Credit: AP Photo

As curator of the Super Bowl 2016 halftime show, he would be in charge of any special guests that would join him onstage or play their own separate sets. Considering how well-connected he is in the industry, we could be getting some incredible special guest performers this coming year. If nothing else, the NFL has incentive to want to bring him back, between his presumptive ability to bring in other big name acts, as well as his drawing power as a solo act. I mean, 120 million viewers is nothing to sneeze at.

Neither Bruno’s reps nor the NFL would confirm that Bruno Mars would be playing the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, but with how he’s ruled the music industry in the past year, would anyone really be surprised if this was how it all panned out?

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