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Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer: ‘Farewell To Bruce,’ Comes Out As A Woman For First Time

Bruce Jenner will present himself as a woman publicly for the very first time during his interview with Diane Sawyer which airs on April 24 on ABC. The reality star sees the interview as a “farewell to Bruce,” TMZ reports.

Jenner does not reveal his new name however nor dresses as a woman on camera.

The interview will discuss how at an early age of 5, he identified himself as a woman. He will also talk about the mundane day-to-day things that will change as he transitions into a woman over the coming months. (As we reported earlier, it looks like he has already gotten breast enhancement surgery.)

Most of the interview will center around how his transformation has affected his family.

Bruce Jenner did a series of interviews with Diane Sawyer over time for the transitioning special.

I’m looking forward to this!

Bruce Jenner Tells Diane Sawyer- 'Farewell To Bruce', Will Present Himself As A Woman For First Time

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