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Bruce Jenner Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Malibu Car Crash

Bruce Jenner is facing a wrongful death lawsuit by two stepchildren of Kim Howe, the woman who died in the multi-car crash allegedly initiated by Jenner on February 7.

TMZ reports that the two stepchildren of Howe have lawyered up and are the “only remaining people who have a legal right to file a wrongful death lawsuit.” The site claims that the children “virtually have no relationship” with their stepmom and don’t live in California but are proceeding with the lawsuit anyway. Stepchildren have legal standing to sue in California even if they are estranged from their stepparent.

Kim Howe has a trust worth millions that are earmarked for charity. And her will worth $55 K benefits some animal charities like PETA, Lange Foundation, PAWS, Doris Day Animal League and The Elephant Sanctuary of Tennessee.

Authorities have not made any charges against Jenner and investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Jenner made headlines this year when it was confirmed that the reality star was transitioning into a woman. A few weeks later, the Olympic gold medalist was involved the the fatal car crash which killed Howe.

Bruce Jenner Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Malibu Car Crash

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