Brooke Hogan Is Vague About WWE Return For Hulk Hogan (VIDEO)

Brooke Hogan got in trouble when she told TMZ that her father, Hulk Hogan, was in talks with WWE about returning to the company at Wrestlemania 33, now that much of the negative publicity stemming from the Gawker lawsuit (and the racially-charged audio leaks it revealed) has largely passed. But Hulk later came out and said Brooke was straight up lying, and that he had a pretty stern talk with her about it. So you’d think Brooke would clear the air with TMZ, and get her dad’s back on this one. Unfortunately for Hulk, that isn’t really what Brooke ends up doing in this latest TMZ encounter.

In this video, TMZ catches up with Brooke for clarification about whether or not the Hulkster has been in contact with WWE. After noting how much trouble she got into the last time she spoke with reporters, Brooke simply stated that her father “is capable of anything, let’s just put it that way.” But the subject quickly changes midstream to discuss Brooke’s new women’s wrestling promotion, and how she plans to make her dad proud. Watch the video below:

Brooke Hogan Is Vague About WWE Return For Hulk Hogan (VIDEO)

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Naturally, part of me thinks Brooke would have been better off just saying “no comment”, since a statement that vague implies there’s something worth hiding. WWE would already be taking a risk at bad publicity by rehiring Hulk, especially since Hogan got raked over the coals for those damaging audio leaks, to say nothing of the sex tape that kickstarted the whole Gawker case. And while he was awarded a judgment against Gawker for leaking the material, that’s not really the same thing as being vindicated for having made the racially insensitive remarks in the first place. But people love a good redemption story, so I think there’s at least a decent shot WWE gives him a second chance. Granted, I’m not sure what the reaction will be from most fans, but personally, I’d love to see Hogan in WWE again, at least for a cameo.

What do you think? Would you want to see Hulk Hogan back in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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