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Brodie Kelly Just Might Be The X Factor UK’s Official Heartthrob for 2015 (VIDEO)

Has The X Factor UK 2015 found its heartthrob for this season in 18-year-old Brodie Kelly? It sure looks like it!

Right away, Rita affirms she’s a fan of Brodie just from appearance alone, while Simon is quick to note how great Brodie looks on camera. His dark, smoky version of “Hey There, Delilah” also got the judges excited, particularly Simon, who told Brodie that he’s got a really “cool” voice, and that Brodie is a contestant he’ll remember. I like Brodie too, in that he seems to want to be a more mature artist than his heartthrob appearance would suggest. Still, I worry he might get thrown in a group at Boot Camp. I suppose we’ll see, but he’s definitely one of the more interesting acoustic musicians we’ve had so far this season. Watch Brodie’s audition video below:

Brodie Kelly Just Might Be The X Factor UK's Official Heartthrob for 2015 (VIDEO)

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