Brock Lesnar Was Difference Maker In Paul Heyman WWE Contract Dispute

For the past several weeks, the contractual status of Paul Heyman has been in doubt, as it seemed neither side could come to terms on a new deal. However, an agreement was made just hours before Raw went on the air on Monday, and it seems Brock Lesnar was the difference maker.

According to sources close to the situation, Heyman was pushing for a raise above what WWE was willing to shell out. For the most part, WWE was playing hard ball, but shrewd negotiating tactics weren’t the only reason things took a turn. As it turns out, WWE has been unhappy about some of the outside projects Heyman has been pursuing, since WWE tends to prefer that their talent pursue other projects through them, rather than without their input. For instance, John Cena is due to go on another hiatus this fall for filming of Season 2 of FOX’s American Grit. Having received WWE approval for the gig, Cena is unlikely to get much, if any, heat whatsoever for taking the job. Then again, he’s John Cena, so it’s probably not a great example to use a guy who’s pretty much bulletproof within the company from years of basically carrying the brand on his back.

Brock Lesnar Was Difference Maker In Paul Heyman WWE Contract Dispute

Source: YouTube

Ultimately, what convinced WWE to agree to Heyman’s demands was Brock Lesnar, who stood up for his friend/on-screen advocate. Basically, Lesnar said he wanted Heyman there with him, and that they needed to make that happen. Considering Brock is one of the few real draws the company has left, WWE was quick to come to terms with Heyman on a new deal. It’s an interesting role reversal, with Lesnar doing the advocating for Heyman this time.

While it’s not known if Heyman got all of what he wanted, it seems likely he got a better deal than he had before. And that’s a good thing, because I’m not sure the Lesnar act is as effective without a mouthpiece like Heyman in his corner.

What do you think though? Could Brock Lesnar be as valuable to WWE without Paul Heyman? Or does Lesnar need Heyman? Sound off in the comments!

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