Brock Lesnar Exempt From Wellness Policy, Will Not Be Suspended by WWE

Brock Lesnar may have failed a drug test by USADA, resulting in possible fines and suspensions from UFC and the Nevada State Athletic Commission, but Lesnar is apparently still in the clear with WWE.

A spokesperson for WWE confirmed to TMZ that Lesnar will not face any disciplinary action for his UFC drug test failure. In fact, the spokesperson noted that Lesnar is exempt from the Wellness Policy due to his status as a part-timer. As it turns out, part-timers aren’t tested under the Wellness Policy since…well, part-timers are rarely around anyway. So it’s not as though a one-month suspension will deter drug use in the future, in the event a part-timer fails. With that said, I’m sure if WWE were to levy fines against policy violators, it might keep even the part-timers from considering any performance-enhancing substances.

As it stands now, the WWE wellness policy only tests talent “under contract to WWE who regularly perform in-ring services as a professional sports entertainer”. The loophole here is that the policy never clarifies what is meant by regular performance. So Brock getting busted by USADA for using the estrogen blocker clomiphene, which is generally only used when coming off a steroid cycle, won’t affect his WWE status. Hell, considering what a draw many of their part-timers are, and how much they’re paying guys like Brock, The Undertaker and The Rock for every appearance, it makes sense why they’d come up with an exemption. It’s morally dubious, but it makes sense. And it’s all in service of making certain Lesnar is still able to go one-on-one with Randy Orton at SummerSlam on August 21st.

Brock Lesnar Exempt From Wellness Policy, Will Not Be Suspended by WWE

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