Brock Lesnar Declares He Isn’t Returning to UFC For His Fans (VIDEO)

Brock Lesnar is returning to MMA with a big fight at UFC 200, but he’s not doing it for his fans.

“If by chance 2 million people want to tune in for me to enjoy myself on July 9th, so be it,” Brock told his WWE manager and close friend, Paul Heyman, in a sit-down interview. “I’m not going to change. This is all about me. I’m sorry. And why should it be about anybody else?”

He would go on to openly declare, “I’m not doing this for fans. If there are fans that are excited that I am getting back in the octagon, great. But I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing this for me. This is for me.”

Naturally, Lesnar is looking for redemption in MMA following his loss five years ago to Alistair Overeem, a loss he blames on diverticulitis. But will Lesnar be able to deliver against Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas? We’re still about a month away from finding out. Until then, watch the sit-down interview video below:

Brock Lesnar Declares He Isn't Returning to UFC For His Fans (VIDEO)

Source: YouTube

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