Brock Lesnar Added to WWE Show in Early 2016

WWE is in dire straits right now. John Cena is off filming a reality show for FOX, Randy Orton is out with a shoulder injury, and Seth Rollins is out for 6-9 months with a serious knee injury. In short, the WWE roster is really thin at the top. So WWE is probably looking forward to getting one of its biggest stars back for 2016.

WWE has negotiated with former World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar to appear on at least one show in 2016 during the lead-up to the Royal Rumble. WWE’s deal with Brock has him working only limited dates, so if WWE wants to add more dates, it requires new negotiations. Right now, Brock presumably has all the leverage, considering the bind the company is in. I’m actually kind of surprised WWE isn’t shelling out the big bucks to get him back sooner than 2016, since they need every star they could get right now.

Brock Lesnar Added to WWE Show in Early 2016

Credit: WWE

Brock’s first show back will be at The Toyota Center in Houston on January 8, which is a Friday show. Presumably, this means a WWE Network special is being planned for that night, since I doubt they’d put Brock on a house show and not make a big event out of it. Apparently, this will be Brock’s first time back in Houston in over ten years.

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