‘Broadchurch’ Renewed for Third Season by ITV

The second season has only just finished in the UK, yet Broadchurch has already been renewed for a third season by ITV.

Stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman will return for Season 3, although the direction the show will take is uncertain at this point after the critically divisive second season.

American audiences will soon get the chance to see how the second season of Broadchurch plays out when it premieres on BBC America on March 4 at 10:00 PM ET. If nothing else, it’ll help scratch the Broadchurch void left behind in America after the cancellation of Gracepoint, the American adaptation of the show which split fans down the middle (people who were new to the Broadchurch franchise seemed to enjoy it far more than fans of the original series, considering it was mostly a shot-for-shot remake with a pretty lousy new ending).

Given the uniform excellence of the first season of Broadchurch, I’m cautiously optimistic about Season 2, despite the negative things I’ve heard about it. Because, really, even at its worst, this show still has an amazing cast, and that can make up for more than a few deficiencies in the writing department. I’ll be interested to see where the show can go after the fairly close-ended storytelling of the first season.

'Broadchurch' Renewed for Third Season by ITV

Credit: ITV

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