Britney Spears ‘Tom’s Diner’ Cover By Suzanne Vega Leaks (AUDIO)

The “Tom’s Diner” cover by Britney Spears has leaked online. The song is a cover of the Suzanne Vega classic and appears on Giorgio Moroder’s album Deja-Vu which comes out on June 12.

This is a snippet of the song on loop.

These are low quality clips as YT has unfortunately been removing these today. (They’re still good!)

Britney Spears 'Tom's Diner' Cover By Suzanne Vega Leaks (AUDIO)


I just hope they release it officially soon.

Britney is currently performing for her fans in her Las Vegas residency. Just make sure you don’t call her a fat b*tch because she will f-bomb you!

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