Britney Spears debuts new single, ‘Pretty Girls’ featuring Iggy Azalea

The wait is over! Britney Spears‘ new single, “Pretty Girls” featuring Iggy Azalea is now out! After a few listens, it’s undeniable that the song is a jam!

Get into it below:

Britney is back! It’s safe to say “Work B*tch” and the whole Britney Jean era flopped. But this song is about to be a summer jam. For years we’ve been waiting for the urban-tinged Britney with an edge to come back and she is here with a vengeance.

What I could have done without is Iggy though. I would have rather had Britney herself. But features pop, so I’m not mad but could we have had Nicki Minaj!? C’mon now. Even if Iggy’s verse was flames – y’all know the stigma around her now.

But this song just pops!!

Britney Spears debuts new single, 'Pretty Girls' featuring Iggy Azalea

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