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‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Winner George Sampson Takes Mother To Court

In 2008, dancer George Sampson won the second series of Britain’s Got Talent at the age of 14. Since then, he’s performed in The Royal Variety Show, acted in the film StreetDance 3D, and has even joined the cast of such shows as Waterloo Road and Emmerdale. But now, Sampson is in his most headline-grabbing role yet: as plaintiff against his mother.

Apparently, Sampson had a bit of a falling out with his mother, Lesley, due to the strain her financial issues put on his life. So Sampson is taking his mother to High Court to have her evicted from his house, since she is refusing to leave the house. He had originally purchased a home in Warrington, Cheshire, with his winnings from Britain’s Got Talent. However, upon turning 18, Sampson purchased a second home in London. It’s this property that Sampson is trying to get his mother to vacate.

'Britain's Got Talent' Winner George Sampson Takes Mother To Court

Source: YouTube

According to a source close to the situation, “The first house is in Lesley’s name, as George was under age when he bought it, and she collects the rent.” However, she has no such claim on the second property, so Sampson “politely asked her to leave.” She refused, and now mother and son are facing off in High Court.

Hopefully, mother and son can reconcile. But it isn’t exactly uncommon for parents and their children to have a falling out when the child becomes famous at a young age. That said, Sampson at least seems to have a decent head on his shoulders, in comparison to other child stars who’ve been consumed by the demands of fame. Here’s hoping this has a happy ending — or at least as close to one as a situation like this can get.

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