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Bristol Palin’s Ex-Fiance Dakota Meyer Awarded Joint Custody of Sailor Grace

After a months-long legal battle, Dakota Meyer and Britol Palin were awarded joint physical and legal custody of baby Sailor Grace by an Alaska judge.

According to official papers obtained by PEOPLE, Alaska Judge Herman G. Walker Jr. ruled that it is in Sailor’s best interest for her to remain in Alaska with her mother. Meyer, who lives in Kentucky, will be allowed to visit his daughter in Alaska twice a month for four consecutive days at a time.

Bristol had objected to overnight visits by Dakota because it would disrupt her breastfeeding schedule. The judge said that Bristol should provide “adequate supply” of milk or formula for overnight visitation with Dakota.

Source: Dakota Meyer

Source: Dakota Meyer

I am glad that the judge is looking after what is best for Sailor Grace! She needs to be with her father as well as her mother.

LOL, now Bristol needs to pump extra when her baby daddy is scheduled to visit.

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