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Brilliant Dog Plays Ping Pong – For the Win! (VIDEO)

Dogs are athletic! Okay, well, they’re more athletic than me, anyway. Granted, that isn’t saying very much, but I still think a dog should get credit for being clever. And I say that as an unapologetic fan of all things dog.

Seriously, this particular dog is on-point! Not only is the brilliant pooch able to perform tricks, he’s able to play ping pong with a paddle in his mouth! Without even really trying, this dog is already about a thousand times better than I ever could hope to be at ping pong. Who ever knew that dogs could crush it at table tennis? This is insanely impressive, and also pretty adorable, when you consider how shy some dogs tend to be in front of the camera. Watch the cute video below:

Brilliant Dog Plays Ping Pong - For the Win! (VIDEO)

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