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Brave Little Dachshund Puppy Protects His Owner – Too Precious! (VIDEO)

Dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend for a reason. They’re loyal to a fault, and they can provide great protection for a home or family. Of course, not all dogs have the build of a fighter or protector. Some are hardly larger than their owner’s forearm. But size won’t stop a truly loyal dog from going to bat for someone he loves.

For evidence, look no further than this video, in which one brave little dachshund puppy sticks up for his owner, who is being mock “attacked” by a friend. The minute this little guy sees kicks being thrown in his owner’s direction, he drops his toy and springs into action, pumping his tiny legs with all their might in order to chase away the threat. It’s downright precious. With dog pals like this, who even needs human friends? Check out the adorable video below:

Brave Little Puppy Protects His Owner - Too Precious! (VIDEO)


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