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Brave Jack Russell Terrier Dives Off Cliff in Italy! (VIDEO)

Being cute doesn’t mean you can’t also be brave. One adorable dog proves that in this precious video in which a Jack Russell terrier jumps off a cliff and into a giant pool of water.

In this video, Titti the Jack Russell terrier went diving at a St. Peter’s Pool, a swimming hole in Malta, Italy with her owner, Carmelo Abela. The duo has proven pretty popular at the location, drawing crowds to see what basically amounts to a diving routine with the man. It’s understandable why they’re as popular as they are, considering how cute Titti is, and how talented Carmelo appears to be. They make a perfect pair! Brighten up your Monday by watching the full video below:

Adorable Jack Russell Terrier Dives Off Cliff in Italy! (VIDEO)

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