Brandi Rhodes, Wife of Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes, Signs With TNA

Brandi Rhodes is getting physical in the wrestling business. This comes just about a week after news broke that her husband, former WWE star Cody Rhodes, had signed a per-appearance deal with the company, in addition to a similar deal with Ring of Honor.

Although her time with WWE (as Eden Stiles) was focused largely on ring announcing, Brandi Rhodes has signed a contract with TNA to wrestle for their Knockouts Division. As it turns out, Rhodes has been training in a Texas-based wrestling school, and she’s even worked some independent shows. Rhodes has documented her training on Twitter, and exhibited some of her skills in the following videos, which you can check out below. She’s still early into her training, but she seems to have a better knack for timing than a lot of new wrestlers at her level of training.

I’m not sure if being known professionally as “Brandi Rhodes” means Cody has worked out a deal with WWE that will allow him to continue using the Rhodes name. If so, that’d be great, but I don’t think it’s necessarily crucial to the success of either Rhodes.

Another uncertainty is whether or not TNA will put Brandi and Cody Rhodes together on-screen. A feud with “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Maria sounds like the safest bet for what TNA might do, but I feel as though Cody and Brandi could be every bit as important to the company separately as together. Cody is a known talent who can provide a boost to their Impact Grand Championship division, or even offer up a fresh, new challenger for the world title (I’ve always wanted to see Cody become a world champion, and I think the TNA belt would simply look right around his waist). Meanwhile, Brandi is a talent they can develop and mold into a star in her own right. TNA has been on a major upswing with their more traditional focus on storytelling, sports-based angles, and all the insane stuff with the Hardys. All in all, I think getting both Cody and Brandi Rhodes could be a feather in the company’s cap, at least in my opinion.

Brandi Rhodes, Wife of Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes, Signs With TNA

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