Brad Paisley and Color Me Badd Sing ‘I Wanna Sex You Up’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

What happens when one of the biggest stars in country music teams up with one of the preeminent 90s R&B groups? You get one of the most peculiar duets in all of late night TV.

Brad Paisley teamed up with Color Me Badd on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, becoming the mashed-up group known as Color Me Bradd. Together, they performed Color Me Badd’s memorable hit, “I Wanna Sex You Up”, one of the most delightfully 90s songs that ever went swaggering onto the charts. This team-up is the latest in Kimmel’s “Mash Up Monday” performance series which launched in February. The theme sees two separate acts coming together as a new, cleverly-named act (i.e., REO Speedwagon and Imagine Dragons teaming to become REO Speedragons or Weezer and ZZ Top becoming Wee-Z Top). It’s been a lot of fun since it launched, and this performance was no different. Watch Color Me Bradd take on “I Wanna Sex You Up” below:

Brad Paisley and Color Me Badd Sing 'I Wanna Sex You Up' on Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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