Brad Maddox Released from WWE

WWE has ditched a former general manager from Monday Night Raw.

Brad Maddox has been released from WWE. Maddox was formerly the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and later served as assistant to general manager Vickie Guerrero. In recent years, he’s had a host of roles, from random Authority lackey to jobber-to-the-stars. WWE had been working on giving him a new fitness gimmick with former party-themed superstar Adam Rose. However, the gimmick hasn’t exactly been working out for him, as he lost to R-Truth in a dark match on Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings, and jobbed to the Usos alongside tag team partner Rose on Main Event. According to a report from PWInsider, Maddox’s release is actually the result of a promo he cut during those tapings on Tuesday:

According to several sources we have spoken to, Maddox was released due to language he used during a pre-match promo during a dark match at last night’s Smackdown taping against R-Truth, specifically the phrase “cocky pr**ks.”

Officials weren’t pleased with the language, and this apparently culminated in his release, which was announced by WWE in an official statement:

WWE has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstar Brad Maddox as of Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015. WWE wishes Maddox the best in all of his future endeavors.

Brad Maddox Released from WWE

Credit: WWE

While he’s been with WWE since 2010, it didn’t seem like Maddox would ever get past a certain level. And honestly, that’s kind of a shame. While he wasn’t great shakes in the ring, he was pretty damn good on the mic, in my opinion. Particularly at the level he was slotted. I think every wrestling company needs a midcarder who can really rankle the fanbase without risking becoming “the cool heel”. Someone like The Miz, who can get heat every time he goes out there. Brad Maddox could have been that guy, but he was never really given a chance beyond the token segment here and there. Ultimately, his most high profile role in recent years was as the man in the turkey suit who got tombstoned by The Undertaker on The Tonight Show. Which, I suppose, is good work if you can get it.

Hopefully, Maddox finds new life in another organization. Either way, best of luck to him!

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