Boy Loses His Mind After Meeting Beyonce In Haiti (VIDEO)

Beyonce visited Haiti recently on behalf of the U.N. and her charity BeyGood. Everyone was excited to meet her. Please help the children in Haiti by buying a BeyGood t-shirt at:

This is a perfect PR comeback after yesterday’s disastrous “vegan” announcement on GMA.

Watch This Boy Freak Out After Meeting Beyonce In Haiti (VIDEO)


Join us in our efforts to further support the children of Haiti.

During Beyoncé’s May 2015 trip to Haiti, she paid a visit to Saint Damien Pediatric Hospital in Tabarre. St. Damien provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti, however the hospital has recently lost funding resulting in cutbacks in staff and a decrease in the number of children that can be treated. Your purchase of a BeyGOOD Haiti t-shirt can help solve an urgent funding crisis with all proceeds from sales of this shirt directly aiding St. Damien in re-opening an abandoned wing and continuing to aid the people of Haiti.

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