Boy Band Gets Questionable Buzzers on ‘America’s Got Talent 10’ (VIDEO)

Triple Threat was one of the favorites of America’s Got Talent 10, but on tonight’s live show, they found themselves on the receiving end of three buzzers!

Basically, the guys sang “Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child, and it was a bit of a departure from the pure vocal approach they’ve brought in the past. In fact, the dancers and the choreography are a bit much. That said, I like the vocals, and really didn’t get why they started getting Xs. Were they great? No. But did they deserve all those Xs? I’d argue that they didn’t. The reaction online suggest these were pretty controversial buzzers, since fans seem divided on Twitter between those who think these guys were awful and those who think the judges were just plain wrong.

But what do you think? Watch the video below:

Boy Band Gets Questionable Buzzers on 'America's Got Talent 10' (VIDEO)

Judges: Howard loves Triple Threat, but felt like this was a parody of a boy band act, stating that all the charm of the act was gone. Heidi disagrees completely, chiding her fellow judges for hitting their buzzers on an act that didn’t deserve it. Mel B takes things a step further by saying the boys “butchered” the song, while Howie says this is all Howard’s fault for jinxing them by saying no one is cracking under the pressure, because that’s exactly what happened to these guys.

But what did you think of Triple Threat? Did they deserve to get buzzed? Sound off in the comments!

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