Boy Band Drives Judges (and Crowd) Wild on The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

Boy band In Stereo drove the judges (and the crowd!) wild on The X Factor Australia 2015!

I like these guys. They have a certain boyish enthusiasm you don't always get from groups on The X Factor these days. Their harmonies were also on-point, considering they were doing a completely different arrangement from the original for their version of Taylor Swift's "Style". To see not only the crowd but also the judges fangirling over these guys suggests to me that they could have a long stay in this competition, provided that other groups put together for this competition aren't given priority over them, as tends to happen on The X Factor (it often seems the show would rather take credit for finding and putting together a major act than push one that comes to them fully formed. Look no further than Dannii putting Younger Than Yesterday through over Brothers 3, a mistake she needed Australia to correct for her with the wildcard vote). Anyway, I like these guys a lot. Watch In Stereo's audition video below:

Boy Band Drives Judges (and Crowd) Wild on The X Factor Australia 2015 (VIDEO)

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