Boxer Dog Annoyed By Ice Cream-Eating Owner (VIDEO)

When we're little, we're taught that sharing is a good thing. Granted, not everyone abides by that principle. But then, not everyone rubs it in someone else's face when they decide not to share.

In this video, an adorable boxer dog named Lily gets annoyed when her owner doesn't share his ice cream. It's hard to tell if she's actually upset, or just irritated that her owner is trolling her again. Either way, she looks like she's completely over and done with this. And I can't say I blame her. With that said, it wasn't all bad for Lily, as her owner mentioned in one of the YouTube comments that she was given a treat of her own. Just not ice cream covered in chocolate. Still, Lily doesn't seem any less frustrated by her ice cream-eating owner. If only we all looked so cute when annoyed. Watch the video below:

Boxer Dog Annoyed By Ice Cream-Eating Owner (VIDEO)
Source: YouTube

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