Box Office: ‘Suicide Squad’ Breaks August Record With $135 Million

Suicide Squad managed a massive debut this weekend for DC, nabbing the all-time box office opening for the month of August. But with the good news comes a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds, and whether or not the film will actually break even by the time it’s all said and done.

On the positive side of things, Suicide Squad has nabbed the biggest opening in the history of August, with $135.1 million in North America. The record-breaking box office extended overseas, where the film earned a whopping $132 million in 57 markets to bring its worldwide total to $267.1 million.

However, Suicide Squad will need to double that number to have a shot at breaking even, considering its $175 million production budget, and the untold millions spent on marketing this thing. And one would think this had a higher marketing budget than most when you factor in just how omnipresent the ads appeared to be for the film. To make matters more daunting, the movie has to overcome negative word-of-mouth and critical disdain. For what it’s worth, I don’t think the movie deserved the scorched-earth reviews it received, but it seems as though Warner Bros. is going to have to change its approach to these DC movies. From all this studio interference, with multiple competing cuts of each film, tons of necessary material left on the cutting room floor, and scripts that dovetail into pacing problems, it’s clear that WB needs to take a step back and reassess. Hopefully, the new DC film division, with DC Comics president Geoff Johns at the head, can right the ship. But for now, it doesn’t seem as though these movies have any trouble delivering box office, at least in the first weekend.

Suicide Squad easily trounced its competition this weekend, as Jason Bourne dropped to No. 2 in its second weekend with $22.7 million. Bad Moms landed at No. 3 with $14.2 million, with The Secret Life of Pets close behind at No. 4, with $11.6 million. In its third weekend, Star Trek Beyond fell to No. 5 with $10.2 million. This would normally be bad news for the film’s prospects, but it seems it wasn’t too hard for Star Trek Beyond to hold on to a top five spot since the competition surrounding it on the tail end of the box office proved to be spectacularly week.

The family film Nine Lives opened with a disappointing $6.5 million for a No. 6 opening. Starring Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as a work-obsessed dad who’s transformed into a cat (no, seriously), I’m not exactly sure if the film was ever expected to do better than its tepid opening. Just from the trailer alone, it feels like an early 90s film in the spirit of Homeward Bound or Look Who’s Talking. It feels like it’s from a different time entirely, and perhaps that’s why it isn’t exactly doing so well. That, and the presence of other family options like Finding Dory, Ice Age: Collision Course, and the aforementioned Secret Life of Pets. I would also think poor critical reviews have something to do with it, although those low ratings were pretty much to be expected.

But how did the rest of the Top 10 do at the weekend box office? Check out the full Top 10 below:

Box Office 'Suicide Squad' Breaks August Record With $135 Million

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1. Suicide Squad ($135.1 million)
2. Jason Bourne ($22.7 million)
3. Bad Moms ($14.2 million)
4. The Secret Life of Pets ($11.6 million)
5. Star Trek Beyond ($10.2 million)
6. Nine Lives ($6.5 million)
7. Lights Out ($6 million)
8. Nerve ($4.9 million)
9. Ghostbusters ($4.8 million)
10. Ice Age: Collision Course ($4.3 million)

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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