Box Office: ‘Ghostbusters’ Debuts at No. 2 with $46 Million

Well, it’s good news/bad news for Ghostbusters. The good news is that critical reviews for the film have been pretty solid, with stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Chris Hemsworth delivering for director Paul Feig. The bad news, however, is that the box office isn’t exactly what Sony had hoped.

While Ghostbusters came within expectations, earning $46 million for the weekend, this isn’t a great number for a film with a $144 million budget. It’s even more troubling when you consider an extra $100 million was spent on advertising alone. So the reboot of the comedy/horror franchise will have to remain strong in the weeks to come — not only domestically, but also overseas. This, naturally, will be easier said than done, since China is not carrying this film due to the country’s prohibition against films “promote cults or superstition”.

What doesn’t help Ghostbusters is the upcoming glut of competition in the next few weeks, such as Star Trek Beyond, Ice Age: Collision Course, Jason Bourne and Suicide Squad. Still, word of mouth might be able to carry this a bit further than it might have otherwise gone, considering the negative publicity against it in the weeks leading up to the release. With that said, if Sony does decide to move forward with a new franchise, it’ll likely be with a much smaller budget.

Box Office 'Ghostbusters' Debuts at No. 2 with $46 Million

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The big success at the box office this weekend so far has been The Secret Life of Pets, which remained No. 1 in week two with $50.6 million. Internationally, the animated comedy has raked in an additional $50.8 million to bring its total so far to $254 million worldwide. Still, it’ll have a hell of a long way to go to catch Finding Dory, which cemented its status as the highest-grossing animated film in domestic history, with a North American total of $445.5 million through Sunday, overtaking the $444.2 million gross of previous record-holder Shrek 2.
We’ll have more on the weekend box office when final numbers come in tomorrow. Until then, let us know what you saw at the movies this weekend, and what you’re looking forward to seeing, in the comments below!

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