Box Office: ‘Finding Dory’ Squeaks Past ‘Tarzan’, ‘The BFG’ Bombs

For the third straight weekend, it’s looking like Finding Dory is going to be the No. 1 film in America at the box office, as the Disney/Pixar film has earned a projected $52 million haul for the 4th of July holiday. But Finding Dory faced challenges from three hotly-anticipated newcomers, some of which did better than others.

The Legend of Tarzan opened at No. 2 with $14 million on Friday, which puts the film on track for a four-day opening of around $40 million. That’s the good news. The bad news, unfortunately, is that this is kind of a lousy opening for a movie with a $180 million production budget. In short, The Legend of Tarzan is going to need to be a monster money-maker overseas for this thing to break even, much less turn a profit. And that’s a shame, because I had the chance to see Tarzan this weekend, and I found it to be a relatively fun, enjoyable popcorn flick that had moments that were visually stunning. I left the theater hoping for a sequel, even though the film itself felt like a sequel to a movie we never got.

Box Office 'Finding Dory' Squeaks Past 'Tarzan', 'The BFG' Bombs

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In other news, horror seems to be a sure bet for the summer doldrums: The Purge: Election Year has actually fared better this weekend, from a pure profit perspective, than any other newcomer. The weekend isn’t even over, and the horror movie has already recouped its $10 million budget, earning $14.5 million so far. Not bad for the third movie in the horror film franchise. At the very least, the movie fared far better than its big budget counterparts, particularly the long-awaited Steven Spielberg adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The BFG.

In what could be considered the weekend’s big surprise, Disney’s The BFG is en route to being a bomb at the box office, with a $25 million projected gross for the four-day weekend. For a film that cost $140 million to make, this isn’t a very good number. Perhaps internal competition from Finding Dory, which comes from the same company while also occupying the same family genre, is causing the movie’s woes. Or maybe this was more of a whimsical fall movie than something you’d release at the height of summer blockbuster season.

We’ll find out the final numbers for the weekend on Tuesday, but until then, let us know what you saw at the movies this weekend (if anything), and what you think of the box office numbers in the comments!

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