Box Office: Election Escapism Lifts All Films On Veteran’s Day Weekend

Escapism was the order of the day at the weekend box office, as films across the board saw better-than-average bumps thanks to audiences wanting to get the hell away from this whole election business. At least, that’s the working theory among industry insiders.

Although it couldn’t top Doctor Strange or Trolls, the sci-fi drama Arrival debuted to a strong $24 million for a No. 3 placement. Meanwhile, holiday comedy Almost Christmas also had a healthy opening, landing at No. 4 with $15.7 million. In a way, this has been one of the best weekends for variety in the Top 5, as we got a superhero movie, an animated film, a sci-fi drama, a holiday comedy, and a World War II epic. And not a single sequel either! I wouldn’t expect it to last, but it’s kind of encouraging to see, especially among this weekend’s holdovers.

Chief among those holdovers is Doctor Strange, which continued to dominate in its second weekend, easily securing the No. 1 spot with $44 million. The Marvel flick is currently sitting at $153 million in North America alone, and a worldwide gross of $493 million. So yeah, it looks like superhero fatigue isn’t as much of an issue as pundits would have you think.

Trolls, meanwhile, landed at No. 2 with $35.1 million to bring its domestic gross to $94 million so far. The film is enjoying one of the lowest second-week drops for an animated film, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Following Arrival and Almost Christmas, the Top 5 was rounded out by Hacksaw Ridge, which earned $10.8 million as we head into awards season. Andrew Garfield is having a high profile year between this and Martin Scorcese’s Silence, although it’s hard to know which film is more likely to get him awards attention. My fear is that he’ll split votes and end up snubbed. Seriously, Garfield is great in Hacksaw Ridge, and I’d argue this is Mel Gibson’s best directorial effort, to boot. It’s still early in the awards season to throw in with a film that probably won’t be sweeping, but Hacksaw Ridge is a sentimental favorite in the race for me, right now. But enough about me.

How did the rest of the Top 10 perform at the weekend box office? Check out the list below:

Box Office: Election Escapism Lifts All Films On Veteran's Day Weekend

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1. Doctor Strange ($44 million)
2. Trolls ($35.1 million)
3. Arrival ($24 million)
4. Almost Christmas ($15.7 million)
5. Hacksaw Ridge ($10.8 million)
6. The Accountant ($4.6 million)
7. Shut In ($3.7 million)
8. Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween ($3.6 million)
9. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back ($3.3 million)
10. Inferno ($3.6 million)

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

What, if anything, did you see at the theaters this weekend, and what do you want to see at the movies in the weeks to come? Sound off in the comments!

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