Box Office: ‘Batman v Superman’ Opens to Record-Smashing $170.1 Million Debut

UPDATE: The latest figures have the box office totals adjusted down to a lower-than-initially-projected $166.1 million for Batman v Superman. So Harry Potter retains the title as WB’s biggest opening ever. However, Batman v Superman is still the biggest March opening in history. So it’s still a big win for WB.

The reviews weren’t great, but even the worst critics’ reviews couldn’t hurt Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The long-awaited superhero movie, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, opened to a record-smashing $170.1 million debut in the U.S. alone. This resulted in the biggest Easter weekend in history at the box office, conquering last year’s buzzworthy Easter weekend, which was buoyed by Furious 7. In addition to helping increase overall box office revenue from last year, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scored the No. 6 opening of all-time in North America, the fourth-best superhero opening of all time (behind The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Iron Man 3), and the biggest opening of all-time for Warner Bros. However, most impressively of all, the movie earned the No. 4 worldwide opening in history with $424.1 million. The only films to do better were Star Wars: The Force Awakens (No. 1 with $529 million), Jurassic World (No. 2 with $524.9 million) and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (No. 3 with $483.2 million). Naturally, this means the film grossed more money internationally than any other debuting superhero movie, earning $254 million. Needless to say, poor reviews and iffy word-of-mouth didn’t do a thing to harm the opening weekend box office, although we’ll see how those elements affect its second week, once the initial debut curiosity and hype wears off. But even if the movie doesn’t have great legs in the weeks to come, nothing can take away this tremendous opening weekend haul.

For a movie that cost $250 million to make, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice needed to be huge for Warner Bros., particularly since it had the sizable task of laying the foundation for the entire DC Cinematic Universe. Had this bombed, the future of the planned DC films might have been in doubt, as Snyder is set to begin shooting Justice League in just a few weeks, and the standalone Wonder Woman movie is due next summer. But this debut weekend, which also overtook The Hunger Games: Catching Fire as the biggest pre-summer opening in history and the highest-grossing debut of 2016 so far, pretty much assures the DC Cinematic Universe isn’t going anywhere any time soon. If anything, this should help give an added boost to the hype for this summer’s Suicide Squad, which will feature Ben Affleck’s Batman in a cameo role.

But Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t the only success story at the box office this weekend, as My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 managed an impressive opening opposite the superhero epic. The comedy sequel opened at No. 3 with $18.1 million. Considering the movie was expected to debut with a predicted $10 million, this is great news for Gold Circle Entertainment, HBO and Playtone, who partnered together to produce the film. But the real story here was with the continued success of Disney’s Zootopia, which is still doing a hell of a job roping in family audiences. The movie came in at No. 2 with a solid $23.1 million to bring its domestic total gross to $240.5 million in just under one month of release. This was enough to keep the movie ahead of both Miracles From Heaven and The Divergent Series: Allegiant — Part 1, which tied for No. 4 with $9.5 million (currently, Allegiant is getting the nod, but the official order has not yet been decided).

But how did the rest of the movies do at the weekend box office? Check out the full Top 10 below:

Box Office 'Batman v Superman' Opens to Record-Smashing $170.1 Million Debut

Credit: Warner Bros.


1. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice ($170.1 million)
2. Zootopia ($23.1 million)
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 ($18.1 million)
4. The Divergent Series: Allegiant – Part 1 ($9.5 million)
5. Miracles From Heaven ($9.5 million)
6. 10 Cloverfield Lane ($6 million)
7. Deadpool ($5 million)
8. London Has Fallen ($2.9 million)
9. Hello My Name is Doris ($1.7 million)
10. Eye in the Sky ($1 million)

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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