Box Office: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Already Made $44.8 Million in 2 Days Worldwide

Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out May 1 in the U.S. but it’s already been released in international markets. It made $44.8 million in just two days in 26 territories.

In the U.K. it made $5.4 million on its first day and $4.9 million in South Korea.

From Variety:

France has totaled $4.4 million in two days, followed by Russia with $3.7 million, Brazil and Australia with $3.4 million each and the Philippines with $2.8 million and Taiwan with $2.6 million, both after two days.

Box Office- 'Avengers- Age of Ultron' Already Made $44.8 Million in 2 Days Worldwide

I am super excited now!

The Avengers sequel is expected to earn more than $200 million on opening weekend in the U.S. The hype is too good!

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