Box Office: ‘Ant-Man’ Falls Below Marvel Expectations, While ‘Trainwreck’ Surprises

There were a handful of surprises at the box office this weekend.

Despite a large advertising budget and the power of the Marvel brand attached to its name, Ant-Man opened to just $58 million, which is well below expectations for a film set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, this was the second-lowest domestic launch of any film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after 2008’s The Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton, which delivered a $55.4 million opening on its launch weekend.

However, the news wasn’t exactly terrible for Ant-Man. For one, it opened at No. 1 this weekend, defeating last week’s No. 1 film, Minions, which came in at No. 2 with $50.2 million. In addition, Ant-Man was a big hit internationally, raking in an additional $56.4 million from 37 markets overseas, besting the first installments of the Captain America and Thor franchises. Ultimately, this puts Ant-Man at a first-week haul of $114.4 million worldwide, which isn’t too shabby by standards that aren’t Marvel-sized. And really, this doesn’t have to hurt the box office viability of stars Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, or even for the Marvel brand, since this movie was somewhat handicapped from the get-go.

For one, it was plagued with production issues, including the high-profile exit of its original director, Edgar Wright, over creative differences with the studio. Furthermore, Ant-Man is a far less well-known property to most casual moviegoers (although I suppose the same could have been said of Iron Man and Thor in their day). But even if Ant-Man had been more widely identifiable, Ant-Man‘s other big hurdle was the level of competition it faced. Families flocked to Minions, while Jurassic World continues to rake in big dough from audiences of all ages, surpassing $600 million domestically over the weekend. Lastly, there’s the concern that audiences might have been all Marveled out after Avengers: Age of Ultron kicked off the summer movie season over two months ago. And all those new trailers from DC and other studios hitting the web after San Diego Comic Con last week could have left audiences with a sense of superhero fatigue, to where going to see Ant-Man was likely the last thing they would have wanted to do. So, ultimately, while Ant-Man certainly could have done better, it also could have done a whole hell of a lot worse.

But with the underperformance of Ant-Man came a surprising showing from recently Emmy-nominated actress/comedian Amy Schumer, as her big screen debut, Trainwreck, earned $30.2 million this weekend. That’s $10 million more than Universal was projecting for the film, which also marks the best debut of Judd Apatow’s directing career since Knocked Up, which launched with $30.9 million in 2007. With its debut at No. 3, Trainwreck marks Amy Schumer as a potential Hollywood player, as she not only starred in the film, but also wrote it as well. The film is a semi-autobiographical tale of a career woman who might have to rethink her commitment phobia when she meets a decent guy played by Bill Hader. It’s got great reviews on its side, and some surprising names in the cast — such as NBA star LeBron James and WWE’s John Cena — to draw in a wider audience.

Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out came in at No. 4 with $11.7 million in its fifth weekend, while the dinosaur juggernaut Jurassic World rounded out the top 5 with $11.4 million. With a domestic total of $611.1 million and an international gross of roughly $900 million, Jurassic World has grossed an estimated $1.513 billion worldwide. In short, Jurassic World is now the No. 4 highest-grossing movie of all-time, taking that spot from fellow Universal film — and fellow 2015 box office juggernaut — Furious 7.

But how did the rest of the Top 10 at the weekend box office perform? Check out the full list below:

Box Office 'Ant-Man' Falls Below Marvel Expectations, While 'Trainwreck' Surprises

Credit: Marvel

1. Ant-Man ($58 million)
2. Minions ($50.2 million)
3. Trainwreck ($30.2 million)
4. Inside Out ($11.6 million)
5. Jurassic World ($11.3 million)
6. Terminator Genisys ($5.4 million)
7. Magic Mike XXL ($4.5 million)
8. The Gallows ($4 million)
9. Ted 2 ($2.4 million)
10. Mr. Holmes ($2.4 million)

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

What, if anything, did you see at the movies this weekend? What do you want to see? And what are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments!

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