Box Office: ‘American Sniper’ Wins Super Bowl Weekend

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is continuing its historic run, not only winning Super Bowl Weekend 2015, but also coming within an eyelash of claiming the all-time record for biggest Super Bowl weekend gross.

The movie earned $31.9 million on its third weekend, bringing its domestic gross to $248 million. It also beat out the Nicholas Sparks romance drama Dear John, which earned $30.5 million in 2010, as the second highest-grossing weekend in Super Bowl Weekend history. However, 2008’s Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: The Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour retains the record with $31.1 million. But it does have one big record all to itself: American Sniper is officially the most successful war movie of all-time, overtaking the domestic gross of Saving Private Ryan, which earned $216.5 million in 1998.

Nothing else even came close to touching American Sniper‘s numbers this weekend, as the nearest competitor was family hit Paddington, which grossed $8.51 million to come in at No. 2 in its third week. It performed better than any of the three new titles opening this week: it narrowly edged out its nearest competitor, found footage thriller Project Almanac, which earned $8.50 million. It’s possible both films will be adjusted up once final numbers come out, but it’s looking like Paddington is keeping ahead of its competitors, thanks largely to its strong family appeal.

That said, if Paddington is making bank on its family appeal, the same should have helped the racially-charged family drama Black or White. Starring Oscar winners Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, the opened to $6.5 million to take the No. 4 spot. Yet, while I personally expected a stronger opening, considering that Paddington was a holdover that I figured most family audiences would have seen already, this is actually a solid opening for Black or White, since the movie cost just $9 million to make.

Rounding out the Top 5 is the Jennifer Lopez thriller The Boy Next Door, which earned $6.1 million in its second weekend. This was leagues better than the weekend’s third new offering, The Loft. The drama is an English-language remake of a 2008 Dutch film, and while it was originally intended to be distributed by Warner Bros., the project shifted to Universal when producer Joel Silver made a new deal with the studio. Ultimately, it’s looking like Universal should have just let Warner Bros. keep it, since the movie pretty much bombed. The Loft, starring Karl Urban, James Marsden and Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet, finished at No. 10 with $2.9 million. The film cost $14 million to make, so hopefully, the movie does a bit better overseas.

But what did you see this weekend? And what do you want to see? Let us know in the comments, and check out the complete list of this weekend’s Top 10 at the Weekend Box Office below:

Box Office: 'American Sniper' Wins Super Bowl Weekend

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures


1. American Sniper ($31.9 million)
2. Paddington ($8.51 million)
3. Project Almanac ($8.50 million)
4. Black or White ($6.5 million)
5. The Boy Next Door ($6.1 million)
6. The Wedding Ringer ($5.7 million)
7. The Imitation Game ($5.2 million)
8. Taken 3 ($3.7 million)
9. Strange Magic ($3.4 million)
10. The Loft ($2.9 million)

Via: The Hollywood Reporter / Box Office Mojo

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