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Booted ‘X Factor UK’ Group Brooks Way Teases Comeback

Could Brooks Way possibly return to The X Factor UK? The brothers are teasing a comeback after posting a pic with fellow Top 11 contestant Sam Lavery earlier today, suggesting they might be back in The X Factor house.

Brooks Way had been booted from the show after allegations were made against Josh Brooks for allegedly striking his ex-girlfriend, Amelia Clarke, and breaking her nose. They were eventually replaced with girl group Four of Diamonds for this coming weekend’s live show.

Booted 'X Factor UK' Group Brooks Way Teases Comeback

Source: Instagram

Granted, the brothers hanging out with one of Simon Cowell’s acts doesn’t necessarily mean the boys are on their way back to the show. But if the boys were cleared in ITV’s investigation into the incident, then it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they could be brought back, since they were cooperative with ITV throughout the scandal, as they voluntarily stepped down from the show rather than forcing ITV to ax them altogether. For his part, Josh denies the allegations, tweeting that ‘The truth always wins.’

Naturally, if Brooks Way is reinstated, then we’ve basically got a do-over of the Top 12 show, as all four judges will have three acts once again. Of course, this means we’d likely get a double elimination this week to make up for it. But I honestly wouldn’t mind at all, provided Brooks Way has been cleared. I suppose we’ll find out this weekend.

So what do you think? Should Brooks Way return to the show? Sound off in the comments!

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