A ‘Boondock Saints’ Television Prequel from Troy Duffy is in the Works

In movies being turned into television shows news, a Boondock Saints prequel TV series is in the works.

Perhaps because Boondock Saints’ writer-director Troy Duffy is having such a hard time getting The Boondock Saints 3 off the ground.

Boondock Saints TV Series

Credit: Franchise Pictures

Duffy will be back to write the series and direct the first episode, with stars Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flannery in early talks to co-executive produce.

“For years I’ve been obsessed with telling a real origin story with Boondock, and IM Global TV has stepped up,” Duffy revealed in a statement.

“Television is the perfect medium to explore these controversial characters on a much deeper level and to bring Boondock Saints to a whole new audience.”

Added IM Global TV president Mark Stern of the project, “Since its initial release more than 15 years ago, The Boondock Saints has become a true cultural phenomenon. Troy is a consummate storyteller with a compelling vision for a series; the minute we heard it, we were hooked.”

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