Bookies Spoil New Favorite To Win WWE Royal Rumble 2017

The WWE Royal Rumble 2017 is just one week from Sunday, and it’s perhaps the most wide open Rumble in history, in terms of possible winners. Smart money so far has been on The Undertaker winning the whole thing, and then going on to Wrestlemania to challenge the winner of the John Cena vs. AJ Styles WWE championship match. However, the latest odds from bookies suggest a new possible winner.

New odds have come in from Sky Bet, and they’re favoring one of WWE’s biggest rising stars: Braun Strowman is now favored to win the 2017 Royal Rumble match, overtaking The Undertaker with 5/2 odds. However, The Undertaker is still among the favorites in the running. Check out the Top 10 favorites below via WrestlingInc:

Bookies Spoil New Favorite To Win The WWE Royal Rumble 2017



Braun Strowman (5/2)
The Undertaker (11/4)
Randy Orton (7/2)
Finn Balor (9/2)
Samoa Joe (11/2)
Chris Jericho (11/1)
Goldberg (14/1)
Seth Rollins (14/1)
John Cena (16/1)
Brock Lesnar (16/1)

It’s interesting to me just how few predictions this year rely on someone returning or someone getting called up from NXT. Every year, it seems as though we see the booking odds predicting a huge return or a major main roster debut. But this year, we’ve got Finn Balor representing “Major Return” predictions, while Samoa Joe represents “NXT Call-Up” predictions. Granted, Kurt Angle falls just out of the Top 10 with 20/1 odds, so he’s another one to file under the “Major Return” category. And while he’s not being predicted to win, I have no doubt a lot of fans expect Tye Dillinger to show up in this Rumble.

Ultimately, I’m really excited for this Rumble. Sure, Braun is the favorite, and I could easily see him taking this thing, but I feel like we’re in for a few surprises this year. Granted, I should probably measure my expectations, but considering the amount of star power in this year’s Rumble, it’s hard to imagine it won’t be the most memorable Rumble in years. And after a string of lousy Rumbles (well, okay. Last year’s was alright), I’m definitely up for something fun and unpredictable again.

But what do you think about Braun Strowman becoming the frontrunner to win the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble? Sound off in the comments!

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