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Bomb-Sniffing Dog Reunited With Army Sergeant (VIDEO)

Sergeant Jason Bos worked side-by-side with Cila the bomb-sniffing dog for five years. Both at home and overseas in Iraq, they’ve been a real team, helping to keep the world safe. However, when Sergeant Bos retired, Cila continued to work, meaning that the team was separated — seemingly for good.

But not all separations are permanent. Sure enough, Sergeant Bos and Cila had the opportunity to reunite, and the result is a reunion that’s among the most emotional we’ve ever posted. Cila is absolutely overjoyed to see Sergeant Bos once again, and Bos is, for his part, over-the-moon to see his old pal. These two are peas in a pod, and it couldn’t be more adorable. Watch the emotional video below:

Bomb-Sniffing Dog Reunited With Army Sergeant (VIDEO)

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