‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ celebrates 7000 episodes (VIDEO)

The cast and crew of The Bold and The Beautiful celebrated 7000 episodes of the soap on CBS by dedicating Studio 31 to head writer and producer Bradley P. Bell.

“Today we are able to celebrate 28 years of great soap spanning 7000 episodes,” said Angelica McDaniel, Senior VP, Daytime, CBS Entertainment, during the dedication ceremonies.

Wow, I cannot believe it’s been this long! That’s a lot of TV viewing hours. Is this available to binge watch? That would be 282 days on the couch if you watched The Bold and The Beautiful non-stop from episode one.

Watch the cast thank the fans on YouTube for watching 7000 episodes:

The cast and crew celebrate their 7000th show and send a message to all the fans.

The Bold and The Beautiful celebrates 7000 episodes (VIDEO)

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