Bobby Flay Divorce With Stephanie March Gets Uglier As Tempers Flare In Court

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay got burned in court on Thursday after meeting with a judge in his divorce with Law & Order: SVU star Stephanie March.

March erupted at Flay after she saw his publicist talk to the press in the courthouse hallway, according to NY Daily News.

“This is what you call not talking to the press?!! You bring your p.r. person to talk to the press??” she screamed at Flay, his lawyers and the publicist.

March’s lawyer then reminded Flay’s team that the judge had just ordered all of them not to talk to the press.

Oh dear.

Photo: NY Daily News

Photo: NY Daily News

The judge’s order came after TMZ reported on Thursday that Stephanie March was seeking to get their prenup voided as she was instrumental in his restaurants’ success. TMZ wrote:

We’ve learned Stephanie March has filed legal docs to set aside their prenup, claiming in part it’s unconscionable to enforce an agreement that leaves her with table scraps when she’s the reason he became wildly successful.

She claims Bobby told her she has “an amazing palate” and relied on her to taste test his recipes. She says she sampled a number of items at their home and gave thumbs up and down, which led to the finished product. She specifically cites Bobby’s NYC restaurant, Bar Americain.

Under the terms of their prenup, Bobby Flay, who’s worth an estimated $20 million, only has to pay Stephanie March $5000 a month.

It has been reported that Bobby Flay had a three-year affair with his assistant Elyse Tirrell which triggered the separation and divorce.

Messy kitchen!

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